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Royal 3D Chess is a Free Board Strategy game. Play and learn with computer AI to become chess champion.

It is single player chess 3D, play and develop your own strategies and show your geniusness to win against AI.

It has extensively designed 3D graphics; to make you feel like you are playing the real chess board game with your friend.

The main feature of this offline chess 3D game is that, it gives you the real-time playing experience.

Royal 3D Chess for iOS

How to play:

Chess is the game of rules and strategies. It has 64 squares with alternate colors. You have given 16 pieces each side to play with.

The game play has One King, One Queen, Two Rooks, Two Bishops, Two Knights and Eight Pawns pieces for each side.

How to use play pieces:

  • The King - It can move one square in any direction up, down, left, right and diagonally only.
  • The Queen - It can move anywhere straight in any direction.
  • The Rook - It can move straight in forward, backward, left and right only.
  • The Bishop - It can move diagonally as far as it can.
  • The Knight - It can move three square in "L" shape only as follow
    • Move two forward square then one left or right afterwards.
    • Move two backward square then one left or right afterwards.
    • Move two left side squares then one left or right afterwards.
    • Move two right side squares then one left or right afterwards.
  • The Pawn - Initially it can move two squares, thereafter one square forward only. If kills opponents player diagonally only.

Use all of them wisely to take down the King of opponent and give Checkmates (a situation where king piece has no move to save itself).


  • Well designed stunning 3D graphics.
  • Real-time play experience.
  • It has two modes of play:
  • Classic for beginners.
  • Expert for chess professionals.
  • It has five theme to choose:
  • Wooden
  • Metallic
  • Golden
  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Easy to play and learn.
  • Designed for all devices sizes.
  • Unlimited undo your moves.

Research and Studies:

As per research and studies, strategy games:

enhances mental growth.
develops strategic growth of your mind.
boosts your problem solving and decision making behavior.
supercharges you to think out of the box.

Supercharge your think ability and sharpen your mind, play Royal 3D Chess and leave us your valuable feedbacks.

Happy playing, let's checkmate the computer AI.

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Install instructions

Easy to install and play. Play with AI and challenge yourself. Learn and develop your own strategies. Let's checkmate the AI while experiencing the real-time 3D chess gaming.


Royal 3d Chess.apk 20 MB

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